THE TasMANian Devil
From Tasmania, Australia & introduced to Europe by blues master Dave Hole in 1994, Rob Tognoni delivers a 100% powerfully charged experience with every performance. There is simply no compromise, which is strongly evident in his music.
After 40 years his explosive guitar playing and unique songs are now being compared with the greats of his genre and have firmly established him in the European venues & festivals as well as gaining many fans of hard blues rock worldwide.

"Certainly, nothing can stop Rob Tognoni...."
Music In Belgium - BE

"Tognoni's energetic power-blues-rock sound moves between sexy macho and straight-line Rocker, he is quick, fast-paced, creative, virtuosic and expressive..."
Alb Bote, Südwest Press - DE

"Prolific, energetic and statuary, one of the few true guitar heroes of the 21st century...."
Bluestime - IT

"You have to admire Rob Tognoni's stamina. He is able to sustain a ferocious pace, few could manage it...Perhaps his stamina is the consequence of 30 years conditioning. Perhaps it's natural selection..."
Blues In Britian Magazine - GB

"The Australian Rob Tognoni is one of the best and also one of the most uncompromising, as well as virtuoso blues-rock guitarists in the world..."
Bluesnews - DE

"When you listen to his music, you hear a 40 year legacy under his searing lead lines..."
Total Guitar Magazine - GB

"Australian Rob Tognoni is one of the finest guitar players around today. His work is a combination of classic rock, blues & blues rock and is done with utmost passion and precision..."
Bandit Blues Radio - US

"A stunning guitarist with killer licks, and a fine blues rock feel..."
Jazz FM, London - GB